To properly perceive the idea of Management information system (MIS) there’s a need to know the  meaning of management and data system. Management system (MIS) may be a formal system for providing management with correct and timely info necessary for deciding.
Management is sometimes outlined as coming up with, organizing, directing, and dominant the business operation. This is often in line with the definition given by Henri (2002), that declared that management is “the method of allocating Associate in Nursing organization’s inputs, as well as human and economic resources, by coming up with, organizing, directing, and dominant for the aim of manufacturing product or services desired by customers in order that structure objectives area unit accomplished. If management has data of the look, organizing, leading and dominant of the business, its call is created on the idea of facts, and selections area unit a lot of correct and timely as a result”. info permits United States to work out the requirement to form new merchandise and services. info tells United States to maneuver into new markets or to withdraw from different markets (Remi, 2003).

All business organizations share one common plus, in spite of the kind of business. It doesn’t matter if they manufacture product or give services. it’s an important a part of any business entity, whether or not a sole ownership or a transnational corporation. That common plus is info. info permits United States to work out the requirement to form new merchandise and services. while not info, the products don’t get created, the orders don’t seem to be placed, the materials don’t seem to be procured, the shipments don’t seem to be delivered, the purchasers don’t seem to be beaked, and also the business cannot survive.
Lawrence (2005) defines system as a “a automatic data processing system that gives management and different personnel among a company with up-to-date info concerning the organization’ performance; for instance, current inventory and sales. it always is joined to a electronic network, that is made by change of integrity completely different computers along so as to share knowledge and resources. it’s designed to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, and or show info employed in one or a lot of business processes. this technique output info in an exceedingly type that’s useable in the slightest degree levels of the organization: strategic, tactical, and operational. However, many definitions are given to Management system (MIS) by several authors United Nations agency can be supported their background.
Metadata (2005) defines Management system (MIS) as Associate in Nursing “interpreted user-machine system for providing info to support the operation of management analysis and deciding functions in any organization”. The system utilizes constituent and software system, manual procedures, models of research, coming up with and central for deciding. From the higher than definition, it is seen that, it’s the ability of a automatic data processing system that creates Management system (MIS) possible.
Odgers Associate in Nursingd Keeling (2000) defines Management system (MIS) as an integrated automatic data processing system that gives info and aids in deciding in organizations. Luker and Wagner, (2006) extra that “ a Management system (MIS) is intended specifically to supply info that permits management to check actual reference with projected or past results”. Therefore, Management system (MIS) report provides a basis for adjusting plans or taking correction actions. Adams, (2002) states that “a Management system (MIS) focuses on daily, weekly and monthly summaries of group action that area unit helpful in watching and dominant operation level activities”. Personnel at the choice creating level of a company need info of fast long-range commitments of the corporate resources. the pc is programmed to observe such info and determine conditions and scenario that need management attention. Files or knowledge may be scan and taken by pc below a collection of research and analysis rules stipulated by managers. The alter things to keep up a transparent perspective on a company’s past performance for future comes.
Human resource is that the stock of competences, data and temperament attributes embodied within the ability to perform labour therefore on manufacture amount. it’s the attributes gained by a employee through education and skill. several early economic theories confer with it merely as personnel, one in every of 3 factors of production, and take into account it to a fungible resource-homogenous and simply interchangeable. Bolorunduro (2000) different conception of this labour dispense with these assumptions.
Smith (2000) defines human capital as “fourthly of the nonheritable and helpful talents of all the inhabitants or members of the society. The acquisition of such talent by the upkeep of the acquirer throughout his education, study, or office forever price a true expense, that may be a capital mounted and realised, as it were, in his person. Those abilities, as they create a part of his fortune, therefore do they likewise that of the society to that he belongs. The improve quickness of a employee is also thought-about within the same lightweight as a machine or instrument of trade that facilitates and abridges labour, and that through it prices an exact expense, repays that expense with a profit”.
Human Resource Management (HRM) was the perform among a company that focuses on accomplishment of management and providing direction for the those that add the organization. Human Resource Management may be performed by line mangers. additionally HRM is that the structure perform that deals with problems associated with folks like compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, worker motivation, communication, administration and coaching.
Miller (1987) prompt that HRM relates to “those selections and actions that concern the management of staff in the slightest degree levels within the business and that area unit associated with the implementation of methods directed towards making and sustaining competitive advantage.
2.2. issues of Management system (MIS)
According to Raymond (1989) Management system (MIS) was represented as a well-coordinated system, a info that’s to supply management with required info to arrange and create selections. trendy technology has any created the resort to MIS in management imperative thanks to the dynamical circumstances and surroundings. There area unit lack of management involvement in style and poor appreciation of management support. Finally, it’s counseled that organizations, privates and public, industrial Associate in Nursingd non industrial ought to endeavour to line up an MIS unit in their organizations in order that adequate info is place at the disposal of their management.
As there have been issues and difficulties encountered in fulfilling one’s daily obligations therefore additionally there area unit some issues related to any discipline within the business circle. a number of the issues encountered by info personnel might be; meeting deadlines for the submission of an important info for process desired info.
In consonance with the higher than, Whitehead (1993) aforesaid issues facing instructional establishments in relevancy info management system include; uncompleted instructional reforms, poor programme programing, issue to find info required for deciding to reply to enquiry; difficulties in making ready possible budgets estimate and inability to hold out follow-up student record/transcript. this means that so as for info to be valuable to managers, staff, shopper and organizations, it should contain many characteristics, and it should be void of misdirection. Consequently, info managers or info technologists desires talent and data of those issues and the way to manage them­­­­­-so as to not mar his or her name in of field of knowledge management for effective accomplishment of structure goals.
2.3. Relationship between Management system (MIS) and Human Resource Management (HRM)
Armstrong (2004) defines Human Resource Management as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of a company most valued plus. The folks operating there United Nations agency singly and put together contribute to the accomplishment of it objectives. He any printed the most options of HRM as follows:

An emphasis on the strategic management of individuals ( the human capital) of the organization, that achieves integration between the business and therefore the time unit strategy.
Comprehensive and coherent approach to the availability of reciprocally supporting employment policies and practices.
The importance placed on gaining commitment to the organization mission and worth.

iv. The treatment of individuals as assets instead of prices.
v. associate approach to worker relations that’s unitary instead of pluralist.
vi. The performance and delivery of HRM as a administration responsibility.
In addition to the definition given by Armstrong, Human Resource Management in line with Boxall (1996) needs to do with the attraction and retention of accomplished, competent, committed and actuated manpower required by a corporation. Armstrong (2004) asserts that the structure success depends on the skills of the staff that embrace superior performance, productivity, flexibility, innovation and skill to develop high level of client service, he any declared that individuals is that the resource in a corporation and structure performance mostly depends on them.
The impact of Management data system (MIS) on resultive Human Resource Management usually determines the flow of data in a corporation; the constant flow of data in associate organization enhances the effect productivity and potency management. Thus, the result of Management data system (MIS) remains a very important part of any organization for property and for action of structure productivity. one among the advantages of Management data system (MIS) is that staff ar additional happy with their jobs as a result of they feel additional authorized once causative to the business method. for many organizations, it’s true that happy staff higher serve the organization’s customers leading to a rise in customer’s satisfaction in line with Garrote (2001).
Information is that the basic ingredients for private, social, societal, structure and national development. It forms necessary knowledge needed by info manager in completing communication activity of the organization it’s viewed as a structural knowledge that ar needed to change organization to complete favorably furthermore on take applicable call. Management data system (MIS) in line with Ray (2003) states that side of helper duties during which relevant organization documents and matters ar properly handled and created out there to managers for gift and future higher cognitive process by the assistance of machine-driven instrumentality. It is understood from the higher than definition that management data system could be a important part of workplace network which offer a base on what’s set and what’s exhausted a corporation.
Management data system (MIS) will bring a higher productivity to staff, as a result of once employees becomes additional successively with the organization’s strategy, it’d end in higher levels of employee’s satisfaction that might cause higher productivity in a corporation.
2.4. advantages of Management data system (MIS) on the Motivation of employees
Cole (2002) states that numerous interpretation of the information of Management data system (MIS) advised some common attributes shared by the system that helps in motivating staff in a corporation. This declared that once adequate info is given to staff, it’ll bring bigger satisfaction which will cause free flow of communication, coordination and collaboration capabilities in a corporation. Management data system (MIS) conjointly provides the essential link between the data and technology resource inputs and organization performance, though this relies upon the active participation and involvement of data of Management data system (MIS) being given to staff and this could remodel the higher than inputs into organizations performance. Not astonishingly, despite the provision of the most effective technology access to the organization of relevant info, information of worker’s motivation and commitment typically confirm the success or failure of skills of Management data system (MIS).
However, many definitions of motivation are given by totally different|completely different} authors and theorists maybe supported their different experiences. These embrace that given by Cole (2002) that states that motivation is “a method during which folks choose from different styles of behavior so as to realize personal goals”; Burton and Thakur (1995) defines it as “those forces that cause folks to behave in bound ways that, all those pressures and people circumstances that trigger, channel, and sustain human behaviour”. Common to any or all these definitions ar folks and what influence their behaviour. In result motivation cares with the factors that influence folks to behave in bound ways that.
Management data system (MIS) typically brought up as info Management and Systems has been licenced as a serious tool for effective higher cognitive process. Calldelli and Parmigiani (2004) whereas shaping Management data system (MIS) indicated that it helps in finding business issues and conjointly accustomed analyze different info systems applied in operational activities within the organization. Academically, the term is often accustomed confer with the cluster of data management ways tied to the automation or support of human higher cognitive process like call Support Systems, professional Systems, and government data system.
2.5. Roles of Management data system (MIS) within the action of structure Goals
All businesses share one common quality, in spite of the sort of business. It doesn’t matter if they manufacture merchandise or give services. it’s an important a part of any business entity, whether or not a sole proprietary or a transnational corporation. That common quality is info. info permits United States to work out the requirement to form new product and services. info tells United States to maneuver into new markets or to withdraw from different markets. while not info, the products don’t get created, the orders don’t seem to be placed, the materials don’t seem to be procured, the shipments don’t seem to be delivered, the purchasers don’t seem to be beaked, and therefore the business cannot survive. Behn (2003).
The use of web will play a major role in achieving the structure goals and objectives. the net has detached any developments in info systems and therefore the exchange of data via web-based e-mail, intranets, and extranets. These technologies permits for a lot of quicker knowledge and data exchange and bigger access for additional users. Web-casting and videoconferencing allow period info exchanges. Mobile computing technologies accessed by hand-held devices, like multi-function mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and podcasting (via iPods), ar giving any modes of communication. this could cause a powerful action of structure goals and objectives (Drucker (1993).
Function could be a duty or obligation that’s expected to be disbursed on specific|a specific|a selected} task by quality personnel during a particular field. Therefore, {the info|the knowledge|the data} personnel ar expected to perform with efficiency in handling information effectively in a corporation.
Whitehead (1993) same the measurement events and attributes of personnel’s effective management of data system is that, they ought to store info regarding the attribute of each individual’s personnel World Health Organization ar capable of shouldering highest responsibility.
Abel (2002) any opines that each company organization device a system of storage and retrieval of data. Files ar opened for each little bit of communication, each incoming and outgoing furthermore as info. Files ar labelled in line with their subjects or ways chosen within the organization for straightforward reference. The file is registered just in case one needs to form relevancy any file, the quantity of that one isn’t positive, one will get the reference variety through the register. additionally, the enumeration and writing differs in varied organizations.
In some organization, the positional notation of file code is employed whereas in another subjects abbreviations ar used, rather than the decimal code. In any case, regardless of the system is in use, the utmost objective is to device a simple and consistent system of reference for retrieval of data. thus ready to} say info personnel should be able to man all side of data effectively in a corporation. conjointly during a study, it absolutely was found that there’s virtually a universal acceptance of the read that info could be a valuable quality. They more that additional roaring organizations were involved with info management problems and a few were operating towards the creation of associate info culture as a ways that of making certain continued success, (Porter et al. 2007).