National Television Authority NTA Abakaliki and Broadcast Facilities

National Television Authority NTA Abakaliki is equipped with diverse facilities for a befitting broadcast with the various equipment.

National Television Authority NTA Abakaliki

A broadcast media station is a place were news is aired or disseminated to audience through of televisions, cinema and radio. This broadcast work is done with the help of human power and also other equipments which is needed for a good management of the broadcast station.

In other to manage the station well, they must be a body or bodies that see to the actualization of this good management of the station and that is why the station national Television Authority of Abakaliki (NTA) Abakaliki has set up different departments which see to the management and effectiveness of the station.

According to the research I carried out in NTA Abakaliki, there are different departments set outside for different purposes or functions.

The general manager is the chief executive of the station and he is assisted by the assistant general manager (AGM). The general manager controls the affairs of the station and the assistant manager assists him for the smooth running or administration of the station. In NTA Abakaliki today, there are six department which has been set to see to the good or effective management of the station. These departments are engineering, programmes, administration (admin) accounts, marketing and news and current affairs. Each of these departments is headed by the manger.

– ENGINEERING SERVICE: Manager engineering service is the head of  engineering and he is assisted by the chief technical officer and after the chief technical officer is the principal technical officer, senior engineer or senior technical officer, the technical officer 1 levels 9 technical officer 2 level 8 and technical officer 3 level 7. Any other person below level seven is regarded as maintenance assistant. Engineering provides the environment and is the back bone of any media house. They are in charge of all the equipments in the media house.

– NOTE: If the man in charge is a BSC holder, he is called Chief Manager engineering and if he is a HND holder, he is called manager engineering as well as others following the chief manager.

– MANAGER PROGRAMME: Manager programme is the head of programme and he is assisted by the assistant manager programme and after the assistant manager programme is the principal producer level 12, senior producer level 11, producer 1 level 9, producer 2 level 8 and producer 3 level 7. Another group of staff that is under manager programme is principal production officer, senior production officer, production officer 1 level 9, production officer 2 level 8 and production officer 3 level7. Any other Person below level 7 is regarded as production assistant. We also have the principal presenter senior presenter present 1, presenter 2 and presenter 3. programme is responsible for the everyday programme seen on the television on and they are the ones that operates the camera, edit and direct.

National Television Authority (NTA)

– MANAGER ADMINISTRATION: Manager Administration is the head of Admin and he is assisted by manager Admin assistant level 13, principal admin level 12, senior Admin officer level 10. We also have the Admin officer 1 level 9, Admin officer 2 level 8 and Admin officer 3 level 7. Any other person below level7 is regarded as office or Admin assistant. Because this officer takes care of documentation of man and equipment, there are other officer under manager.

– Admin and they are:  Senior confidential secretary level 10, the confidential secretary 1 level 9, confidential secretary 2 level 8, and the confidential secretary 3 level 7, receptions. Teles operator security supervisor, secretary, security assistant and another group attaché to this department is transport supervisor, transport assistant and driver or mechanic. Admin is in charge or responsible for man and materials, they keep records of their staffs, inform them on their duties and also see to their good behavior as well as their welfare.

– MANAGER ACCOUNT: Chief accountant is the head of account and he is assisted by the assistant manager finance level 13 and after the assistant manager finance is the principal account level 12, senior account level 10, accountant 1 level 9, accountant 2 level 8 and accountant 3 level 7. Any person below level 7 is accounting assistant. Accounts is in charge of finance. They keep money and deposit money as the need arises.

– MANAGER MARKETING: Manager marketing is the head of marketing and he is assisted by the assistant manager marketing level 13 and after the assistant manager marketing is the principal marketing officer level 12, senior marketing  officer level 10, marketing officer 1 level 9, marketing officer 2 level 8 and marketing officer 3 level 7. Any person below level 7 is marketing assistant. Marketing is responsible for selling of airtime; they make money for the station.

– MANAGER NEWS AND  CURRENT AFFAIRS: Manager news and current affairs is the head news and current affairs and his assisted by assistant manager news and current affairs level 13 and after him (Assistant manager news and current affairs) is the principal reporter 1 level 9, reporter 2 level 8 and repots 3 level 7 . Any person below level 7 is regarded as news assistant. News and current affairs are responsible for the daily news from the station.

Just as human energy is needed in the media station, they are other equipments which is needed for the effective management of the station and from what I saw in NTA Abakaliki, there are some many equipments which is needed as they include:-
– CAMERA: This camera used in media station is otherwise called television camera and it converts picture energy into electrical energy
– MICROPHONE: It converts or transfers sound energy into electrical energy
– NOTE: What is not seen by the camera or captured by the telephone cannot be seen in the television and both picture and sound flows through a cable.
– HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO (HDV): This is a digital equipment used for play back and also for recording
– Video Mixer: This is used to vary or change the pictures we see on air
– Audio Mixer: This is an equipment which the microphone that control the sound energy to electrical energy is fed into and it also controls the sound sent on air.
– Monitor: it is used for observation and also for checking the quality of a picture and making sure that it is in order
–  Decoder:
– Aviation Light Control: It is used as a check on air
– Battery Compact mate: It is has the battery that supplies power to the UPS.
– UPS ELECTRONIC: This supplies power to the transmitter so that it does not go off immediately when there is power black out.
AIR-CONDITION: it cools the transmitter.
1.    TRANSMITTER: The transmitter gets the sound and picture sent from the camera and microphone and amplifies it to a certain level where the information can not be lost on air.
2.    Blower room: This place that supplies enough heat to the electrons that while on speed. It keeps the environment dried up so that should they by any election fall, there will be no moisture.
3.    Mast.

CONCLUSION: There are four main objectives of a media house like NTA
to inform, educate and  entertain to make money.

Engineering provide the environment, programme produce the programme that informs educate and entertain the viewer.