The purpose of this study is to work out the issues and prospects of promoting poultry product in Ayalaogu farm presently observed as Phinomar farm African country LTD. information were collected from each primary and secondary sources. the most important information assortment instrument is that the form. the information were bestowed in table as distribution. within the analysis, the techniques of percentages of and frequency were used. the subsequent square measure the most important findings of the study:-To resolve the extent of standardization within the poultry business. to look at however the development of this poultry agricultural product is in line with the selling conception of phinormar African country Ltd may be a half. And conjointly to develop a system of managing poultry farming in Enugu state with a read to reinforce poultry development within the space. The conclusion, a made producer nowadays should utilize a mix of the foremost economical bird and sound management practices.


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1.1  Background of the study                                   1

1.2      Statement of the matter                                    3

1.3      Purpose of the study                                        4

1.4      Scope of the study                                           6

1.5      Research questions or research hypothesis          6

1.6      Definition of term                                            8






LITERATURE REVIEW                     

2.1  Management and hygiene practices                           11

2.2      Government support programmes

to the poultry sector                                       12

2.3      The specific objective                                       14

2.4      Poultry production policy                                         14

2.5      Schools of thought within the subject area          15

2.6      School of thought relevant to the problem

of the study                                                    16

2.7      Different methods of studying the problem         18

2.8      Summary                                                       20

2.9      Overview on value chain and analysis and the

study chain for drugs.                                      21

2.10  Trade, making and markets for poultry product    28

2.11  Regional (inter-state) trade in poultry products.   29

2.12  Slaughtering facilities of chicken.                       31

2.13 Type’s poultry feeds for chicken                         32

2.14 Effects on vaccination programme.                           34




3.1  Research design                                               36

5.5      Area of the study                                             37

5.6      Population of the study                                     37

5.7      Sample and sampling procedures                       37

5.8      Instrument of data collection                             39

5.9      Validity of instrument                                       40

5.10  Reliability of instrument                                    41

5.11  Method of data collection                                         41

5.12  Method of data analysis                                    42






4.1 Presentation and analysis                                   44

4.2 Test of hypothesis                                             45

4.3 Summary of findings.                                               56




5.1 Conclusion                                                       64

5.2 Implication of research results                            65

5.3 Recommendations                                             66

5.4      Suggestion for further study                             68

5.5  Limitations of the study                                    67




Agriculture continues to be the foremost necessary sector of the Nigerian economy in terms of provision of employment inspite of its declining contribution to the nation’s exchange earnings. the sort of poultry that square measure normally reared in Nigeria square measure chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, turkeys, pigeons and additional recently ostriches.
The importance of macromolecule in our diet can’t be over emphasised poultry production is additionally profitable through capital intensive. The importance of macromolecule in diet and lack of fine management and low maintenance of the pre existing poultry farms in Enugu has necessitated the formation of Phinomar (Nig) Ltd suited at Ngwo Agi in Udi regime space of Enugu state. The farm is owned by Igwe I.O.U Ayalogu of Enugu Village in Ngwo WHO provided the whole capital and material demand for the come out of the farm at interception. His oldest son by name patrician Uche Ayalogu was the director of the farm.
The firm started in 1963 with few birds concerning twelve birds, that later in premier position of the farm. Over a amount of your time the stock of birds and therefore the variety of birds, that later in premier position of the farm embrace broilers, layers and cockerels, the farm is additionally in fishers. Presently the capital structure of the farm is formed of personal saving and loan from money establishments (banks), the workers strength of the farm presently is 2 hundred and 48 workers (248) whereas at interception, it involves solely the clan member.

1.2 STATEMENT OF the matter
It has aforementioned earlier that poultry farming has become the foremost intensive sector in farm {animal|placental|placental mammal|eutherian|eutherian mammal} farming as an example of agricultural product among Nigerians at massive and exactly Enugu state. at intervals any geographical came upon, one might observe many homes and huts place up by poultry farmers. Most of those farmers have it as a mere mate. It provides the keeper with eggs for domestic use and presumably meat when the fowl might need born in parturition eggs, with in an exceedingly area of your time consistent with the sort of fowls unbroken. Con sequent upon the said facts, the poultry farmer are an excellent flinch to him.
Some of the key issues impeding the progress of the phinomar Nigeria Ltd. Ngwo .
a. Poor management and lack of experience within the farm.
b. Shortage of work force or lack of adequate work force.
The study but targeted particularly on the on top of known downside and such different issues that were discover within the course of investigation into the operation of the farm.
The purpose of this analysis work is to critically review the extent the promoting thought, that is that the basis of effective business, is applied in promoting thought, (Agricultural product) because it relates to phinomar Nigeria. Ltd Ngwo Enugu state. it’s typically misunderstand that there’s no body regulation the activities of poultry farmers within the space of sanitation, value setting and full management of such venture. For this course, it’s the aim of this analysis among the said facts to :
– Find out the extent of standardization within the poultry business.
– Examine however the development of this poultry agricultural product is line with the promoting thought of phinomar Nigeria Ltd could be a half.
– Make a complete review of the extent phinomar Nigeria. Ltd are farming in up holding the prescribed practices as compared with the poultry industries and different agricultural industries in Enugu state.
– Make helpful suggestions and proposals necessary to up elevate the importance of the appliance {of promoting|of selling|of promoting} principles within the marketing of agricultural product in Enugu state.
– Enrich the analysis student with the information of poultry keeping as a viable business venture.
The general purpose of this analysis is to develop a system of managing poultry farming in Enugu state with a read to boost poultry development within the space. The made producer these days should utilize combination of the foremost economical bird and sound management practices.
The focus of this study is on the matter and prospect of promoting poultry product. The scope covers poultry management, poultry farming, poultry business and poultry production.
– What promotional ways does one adopt within the promoting of your product?
– What variety of distribution technique does one use for your poultry production?
– Do you’ve got competitors the least bit within the business, and
What is your market share within the total poultry promoting in your area?
– Is sensible management a key to success in poultry husbandry?
– Is the appliance {of promoting|of selling|of promoting} thought within the marketing of agricultural (poultry) product necessary for the business to be able to break even?
– Is shopper protection and satisfaction the core of promoting within the poultry business?
– Is there any profitability?
– What is that the gift standing of poultry management?
For an improved understanding of this analysis work some skilled and technical terms ought to be outlined thus, the subsequent terms square measure outlined thus:-
1) Cooperative Society- this can be associate degree association of persons, voluntarily united to fulfill their social economic desires and aspiration through a collectively owned and democrallcally controlled commerce.
2) Poultry- Those species of birds that render economic services to man and reproduce freely underneath his care. It additionally refers to those teams of birds whether or not they square measure alive or dressed.
3) Poultry Farm- Location of building for keeping of birds.
4) Poultry Farmer-One WHO rears or keeps a poultry farm
5) Marketing-The management method to blame for distinctive, anticipating and satisfying client needs, profitable through exchange method.
6) Marketing Concept-Is a philosophy of business that states that the customer’s want(s) satisfaction is that the economic and social justification of a company’s existence.

The review can center on stock development typically on poultry sub-sector. it’ll conjointly cowl a review of PHINORMAR NIG LTD NGWO (Which is that the farm being studies).
According to stock to Cole H.H (1962) Introduction to stock refashion Vol. xi, we are saying that man uses stock in industries for several functions. The manure created by stock makes a crucial contribution to the maintaince of soil fertility. so as to understand absolutely the contribution of eutherian and poultry to human welfare. we tend to should examine the scope of the trade, world and even national figures ar tough to grasp absolutely.
These cowl the vary of measures and practices concerning sensible housing, feeding and cultivation standards, as well as all-in-all-out systems to shield stock from illness predisposing factors, particularly stress. It conjointly specifically entails the applying of daily sanitary precautions concerning the atmosphere, utensils, stock and handlers, through customary cleansing and medical aid, to scale back (possible exclude) the contamination of atmosphere and stock by primary and secondary microbial/disease agents. The social control of operational pointers just like the restriction of human and conveyance movements conjointly represent this space. the target is to stay out infections and minimize the necessity for medication. Observance of those practices seems to vary wide in Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigerian’s poultry trade has its roots within the initiatives of regional government from the 1960’s once, as an example the western regional government entered into joint pilot poultry production schemes with some foreign partners, notably the Israeli government. The entry of personal investors into poultry production within the late 1960’s early Seventies marked the onset of the endemic industrial poultry trade once then unfold from the west to the japanese region and elements of the northern region. the primary decade some of this era witnessed an incredible growth within the trade, particularly in west. the scale of the trade grew from but I million within the middle Sixties to over 40million by the first elements of the Nineteen Eighties.
The general policy objective within the stock trade is to place all out there stock resources to best use.
This is to be achieved by increasing the resources base or increasing the productivity of the present resources through systematic improvement of the assembly system.
An important goal is autonomy within the shortest doable time for meat and milk.
2.3 the precise OBJECTIVES
– Restructuring and diversifying the productive base of the stock sub-sector.
– Matching out there feed resources with the stock production system.
– Achieving stability in stock costs, output and financial gain
rising rural financial gain from stock production enterprise
– Protection of rural farmers from the vagaries and risks incidental production and process.
– Effecting correct land use and maintenance of the eco-system for gone stock production.
Objective: To develop a Nigerian foundation stock which will be a lot of productive in terms of eggs and meat with within the context of our gift atmosphere. The policy methods are:-
i) Employment of the foremost trendy technique in gene-splicing to develop a Nigerian stock.
ii) Collaboration between Nigerian analysis establishments and a few well established and full-fledged corporations from developed country. (E.g. Euribrid of Nether lands) within the development of Nigerian forebear stock.
iii) Establishment of forebear farms in numerous ecological zones to supply parent stock for the poultry farms nationwide.
2.5 SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT among the topic space
The general thought of this analysis is to develop managing poultry farming in Enugu state with a read to boost poultry development within the space. The winning producer these days should utilize a mixture of the foremost economical bird and sound management practices.
The ultimate aim of the study but isn’t solely to confirm that the simplest management technique technique to poultry production ar practiced in phinomar stock poultry farm. however conjointly to spot ways in which would encourage high poultry output from the farm so it might contribute effective shoppers among and out of doors Enugu state. in line with warren D.C.
2.6 THE college OF although RELEVANT TO the matter OF STUDY
The production of this work has not been simple in any respect. The researchers encountered several constraints, that connected or delay the work. Among the foremost outstanding of those relevant is that the absence of abundant written work on poultry farming in Federal Republic of Nigeria typically and as a results of lack of knowledge deduction extracts were created principally from work materials on connected areas like different branches of the stock trade typically and within the poultry sub-sector.
Other relevant includes the negative perspective of the folks interviewed just like the employees within the farm. They compute of cognitive content and out of worry. They weren’t able to offer out data regarding the farm. It took lots of persuasions to induce the employee to answer queries cause on them.
Finally finance was institute to the present study as a result of as student, the man of science have restricted sources of fund to finance the project adequately considering the actual fact that lots of running around is concerned.

2.7 DIFFERENT ways OF learning the matter
In the course of this work the researchers known a number of the key issues preventative the progress of the phinormar Nig Ltd, Ngwo.
A) Poor management and lack of experience within the farm.
B) Shortage of personnel or lack of adequate man power.
The study but focused particularly on the higher than known issues that were discovered within the course of investigation into the operation of the farm.
And this created man of science to appear into this strengths and weaknesses of the poultry sector. Key conclusions arising from the study ar as follows:-
i) There is not any recent well-structured study providing data on the Nigerian poultry subsector.
ii) The total price of poultry sub-sector is incredibly vital.
iii) The contribution of poultry to unit food security is much larger than that of subsistence poultry given the various productivities and off take rates.
iv) There is contently no watching and certification of protocols meat process and there are not any quality criteria in situ.
v) There has been decline in poultry merchandise imports in previous few years.
vi) There are not any effective place watching and certification of protocols in situ.
The following recommendations arise from this review:-
a. A comprehensive and neat study of the poultry sub-sector ought to be allotted. The study ought to be divided into 2 parts, specifically industrial poultry and unit poultry before closing the study, a correct definition of unit poultry within the Nigerian atmosphere ought to be established so as to confirm that no matter isn’t captured as unit poultry is captured as industrial notwithstanding it’s set within the curtilage.
b. customary protocols for effective place watching and certification ought to be developed and enforced.
c. customary protocols for watching and certifying poultry meat process plants ought to be established.
d. choices|the choices} for the management of HPAI ought to be re-evaluated to work out that of the 2 options (eradication and vaccination) can give a lot of comprehensive and long lasting edges.
According to Ayiour, UFN and itellins (1975) poultry production ar specialised agricultural enterprise United Nations agency likes poultry and United Nations agency is industrious for a winning poultry farmer, he should be at home with the simplest follow of production and selling in managing the enterprise.
With some extent of poultry education and additional help from numerous level of presidency, poultry production can go a protracted means in meeting the pretentious want of the society aside from the actual fact the poultry output (eggs, meat have the capability of turning the dream of into reality. it’ll give such a lot of advantage of absolutely embarked upon likewise as serving as a certain means of reducing the state gap within the space.
2.9 OVERVIEW ON price CHAIN ANALYSIS and also the provide CHAIN FOR medication
The main poultry merchandise from the Nigerian poultry sub-sector ar parent stock, industrial day previous chicks, frozen chicken and table birds. The parent stocks ar sold-out either on to farms or through distributors or agents. Similarly, industrial day previous chicks also are sold-out either on to farms or through distributors or agents.
Some of the agents ar operators of the poultry outlets United Nations agency market numerous varieties of poultry inputs.
Frozen chicken and table eggs ar sold-out to the shoppers through variety of supply, namely:
i. Farm gate
ii. Sales shops
iii. Distributors
iv. Hotels
v. Supermarkets
vi. quick foods corporations
vii. cordial reception trade operators
viii. Open markets.
Table birds, broilers, culled layers and turkeys ar sold-out through the farm gate, agents and at open markets to the ultimate customers.
– Transportation of products:
The transportation of poultry merchandise is principally by road, though sometimes, the air freighting of stale chicks in fitly designed vans. Otherwise, different varieties of vehicles (cars, buses, truck, motorcycles etc) ar used. Frozen chicken ar sometimes transported by cold trucks.
Retailers use every kind of vehicles as well as basket cages so transported all told varieties of vehicles. Table eggs ar packed in creates. The creates ar stacked in cartons that ar the transported all told varieties of vehicles.
According Oloyo, R.A (2002) live birds from the agricultural sector ar sold-out principally by ladies and kids on village market days, once usually attract patrons from different villages and concrete market agents. a number of these agents assemble giant numbers
Of chickens bought from variety of markets and convey them in giant baskets in trucks to southern cities and cities purchasable.
2.11 REGIONAL (INTER-STATE) interchange POULTRY merchandise
There is a targeted of business poultry farms supported exotic poultry within the south of the country (especially the south-west), whereas most of the agricultural poultry sector supported endemic chicken and poultry is found in northern Federal Republic of Nigeria. These regional specializations type the premise of the inter-regional trade. The merchandise of business poultry, particularly frozen chicken, ar rapt from the southwest to the north, within the most cases, through the federal capital territory. On the opposite hand, the merchandise of rural poultry. Live chicken and guinea fowls ar rapt from the north to the south, particularly the southwest. This inter-regional interchange poultry merchandise has implications for the transmission of poultry illness. The movement of serious numbers of live poultry from the north to the south provides a possible route for the transmission of vertebrate flu and different poultry diseases. Poultry merchandise from the south to the north ar principally processed, Frozen and containerised, therefore minimizing the potential of illness unfold from the south to the north.

in line with Hassan, W.A and I. Mohamed and A.O. Dare. (2006). There ar selected abattoirs major cities and cities across Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, solely bovine ar slaughtered and divided amongst beef retailers in these abattoirs a daily. a comparatively insignificant range of different ruminants also are slaughtered within the abattoirs.
In most cases, it’s the large-scale poultry farms that method their table birds into frozen chicken, and chicken, and turkey elements. trade specialists indicate that regarding ninetieth of broiler production is slaughtered, processed and sold-out as frozen chicken, whereas the remainder ar sold-out carry on the open market and slaughtered in households. regarding five hundredth of broilers created ar processed in machine-controlled slaughtering plants and hold on in cold rooms before distribution and sale.

There ar 3 varieties of feed millers, specifically custom, toll and integrated farm. The customs millers mill and market their feeds underneath registered trade names. The dominant trade names within the market embrace Amo sanders, Guinea feed, high feed and stock feed amongst others. a number of these custom millers have adopted franchising as AN operational technique for achieving a wider reach across the country. The toll millers ar unfold across major locations with vital concentrations around small-to medium-scale poultry farms, they operate by edge feed to the specification of consumers (poultry and catfish farmers) and charging a fee per amount polished. the shoppers either bring their own feed ingredients or purchase them from the millers if the millers have them available. The third class of feed mills and turn out feed for his or her own use.
The feed millers acquire their grains merchants/buying agents United Nations agency supply their grains principally from the northern elements of country. These merchants have established networks for aggregating grains from little holder farmer and have down the provision of grain transportation across the country.
The feed mills principally rely upon importers for the availability of foreign feed ingredients like organic fertilizer, lysine, essential amino acid and soy meal etc. these importers conjointly use intermediaries to achieve the feed millers; these ar unfold across the country however have the next concentration within the south. Poultry outlets typically market numerous inputs of the poultry sub-sector, one in all that is branded feeds obtained from custom feed millers. Poultry farms that don’t have their own feed mills thus have the potions of arch the toll millers, custom millers or poultry outlets.

Over the years, applied math knowledge from field reports indicate that diseases, particularly Newcastle disease (ND), account for over hr mortality in rural chickens. This high mortality will be drastically reduced through effective vaccination particularly against ND. it’s been established that as very little as a tenth reduction within the current mortality level of the illness would cause a half-hour increase in production level. the precise objective of the programme is to extend the assembly setting and, in thus doing, additional improve the economic returns of rural chicken producers. the full estimate for programme, is 2 hundred millions Nigerian monetary unit (N200m). this covers the value of illness management materials and inputs likewise likewise as different provision (vaccines, drugs, equipments, mobility, field allowances etc.)