Science education should ask for to allow the individual to develop to the fullest his capacities for adjustment and continuous amendment so as that he could meet the issues of his day and solve them with success once they arise. Biology, the study of living things could be a science that has developed strategies of its own. The structural quality of the organisms themselves, the multiplicity of functions occurring at the same time in organism’s body and also the inter-relationship between the organisms and their surroundings have light-emitting diode to strategies of study distinctive to the present specific science.
Jean Bremner (2000) declared that the strategies area unit characterised by the art of scientific investigation in relevance pupils’ study of recent specimen, the experimental approach to bioscience in relevance experiment applied by the individual study. These area unit necessary for the effective transfer and permanent communication of biological data. Practical expertise in any science for that matter is crucial for correct understanding of any principle and application of the data therein subject for psychological feature growth and technological orientation and advancement. In appreciation of this truth, Lee (1999) stressed that if biology is to perform the on top of role of rising the society, then the biology teacher should do the following: opt for the simplest materials to gift to students. strive new roles, materials and methods. create use of individual instruction. Therefore activities like aggregation of materials, observing, recording observations, classifying and finishing up field work ought to be inspired. the tactic for achieving this can be through visual instruction. it absolutely was the initial technique in bioscience once the naturalist devoted his study to organisms as he found them in nature. The results of his work, he wrote right down to be passed on to others. The data was finally place in type of books. because the study of biology becomes a lot of common in colleges, and range of scholars multiplied, it becomes tougher to check original materials. a part of this issue comes by the employment of laboratory, preserved materials and chart and models. however the pressure of larger range of scholars and increasing price caused this case to be abandoned most times. Miller Associate in Nursingd Blaydes (2001) declared that the result has been that an increasing proportion of biology teaching has been done from books and lecture notes. this case to an oversized extent is accountable for the poor performance within the senior school certificate examinations conducted by West African Examination Council. In Nigeria, the tutorial system has been facing plenty of vital issues amongst that area unit increasing ingress, shortage of qualified lecturers, absence of laboratories and in several cases presence of laboratories however acute shortage of necessary teaching and learning materials. The national of African country through the Federal Ministry of Education with the help of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1998 established a science instrumentality centre to produce course for science lecturers and laboratory assistants. the supply of this centre although applaudable has been inadequate. lecturers of biology and different sciences so have to be compelled to acquire and develop skills of manufacturing teaching materials. this can be what improvisation is all concerning. it’s the method of providing quickly in time of would like, victimization no matter happens to be on the market, the materials and instrumentality for facilitating the teaching of biology. Otitoju (2000) opined that in biology teaching nature presents an upscale laboratory as a result of specimens of plants and animals area unit bumper around North American country, but instrumentality required for capturing animals. playing physiological experiment, temporal order experiment or processes also as some specimens that area unit on the market have to be compelled to be temporary victimization regionally on the market materials and a bit imagination. The essential qualities of any temporary equipment area unit accuracy, realism, understandability and interest.